Humzah Khraim

Horticulturist | Artist | Visionary


My approach is community and client focused. Movement through an environment should happen organically. I know I’ve succeeded in my work when an individual immediately feels comfortable in the space without thinking about each element of design, even though the design was purposefully executed to impact their interaction with the space.


Humzah Khraim is proudly from Atlanta, GA. He studied under Jon Hatfield, Wayne Jurors, and Shane Evans and obtained a degree in environmental horticulture. Humzah operated a landscape maintenance company for ten years before fully committing to creating custom landscapes from conception to actualization for homeowners, architects, and community projects. Humzah specializes in modern, one-of-a-kind gardens.


Georgia Occupational Award of Leadership, Environmental Horticulture
Professional Landcare Network, First Place Landscape Plant Installation
Professional Landcare Network, First Place Landscape Maintenance Operation